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Sticky List Footer for Android

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This brief tutorial covers a simple approach to place a view in the bottom of its parent in order complement the information provided by any kind of scrolling view. Due to the massive usage of ListViews, this example will use it as a basis. The container suggested behaves similarly as a list footer does, with the difference that this one stays at the bottom,¬†independently of the view, even when there’s no sufficient content within the list to cover it. At the bottom of this text, links to the source code, a demo video and the covered sample app to download from Google Play are included. Note that it has been intended to work the same way in pre-ICS versions of Android.

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Written by joseluisugia

2, March.2013 at 19:28

Debug Yourself

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You can always be better
Ego, narcissism and arrogance are probably the causers of most of the bigger diseases we deal with in humanity nowadays.
Insane attraction for power, money, goods and others make some of our specie to go beyond limits, also called human rights, that were intended to keep everybody’s respect and dignity intact. And after all, probably the most surprising fact about it is that we might be one of them without even noticing.

Of course you don’t need to be a criminal to find an advantage or point of improvement on this text. Being viral or trending topic in jail is not the goal here. However and still if you pursue objectives that require virtues like will, perseverance or self-growth, and overall you want to be better in something (person, lover, worker, writer, etc) you shall find a positive origin for that here. Read the rest of this entry »

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30, January.2013 at 09:36

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The Entrepreloper

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Endless passion, allergy to procrastination, the energy of 100 others, discipline, imagination, awake dreaming, love for creators, respect for builders and weakness for doers are among others the features that define the former.
Competitiveness, perseverance, capacity of analysis, love for structures, weakness for efficiency, allergy to the long way of getting things, respect for gurus and forgetfulness to shave every so often are the main characteristics of the latter.

But after all…just one unknown bound to a big risk…

…melting both together.

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Written by joseluisugia

13, November.2012 at 21:44

Using Runnables, Queues and Executors to Perform Tasks in Background Threads in Android

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This post is meant to be an extension of There’s life after Asynctasks in Android but can be perfectly applied out of this context in whatever situation fits better to your needs.
Note that in the end it is all about getting things done in a worker thread in a known order.

If ants, food, routes, lanes and winter are not familiar words to you, don’t panic. This time we’ll work away from analogies by simulating the whole thing for real. We are the queen of ants (our Activity), and we want to get some of our ants to go and get some food for the winter. We’ll enqueue them in a pool of threads so that they’ll do the job transparently for us, hence we can pay attention to other important stuff. After that and if we have some free time we’ll be notified with the amount of food brought by each ant and the total gathered so far.

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3, August.2012 at 09:43

There’s Life After AsyncTasks in Android

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Indeed, I’m one who thinks that AsyncTasks are one of the most helpful and easy tools for getting some work done in the background without concerning too much about sensitive lines of code.

What I pretend to cover here is a smart way of dealing with a bit more complex situations. Although it represents an ideal way of building a RESTful API, as you may see, it is applicable to a wide range of scenarios with minor tweaks. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by joseluisugia

2, July.2012 at 22:32

What Have You Born For?

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Swot being built in your back

It all started some days ago when I was reading a quite accurate article about the existence or not of the right answer to some certain questions. Especially when they are all around intangible and subjective things such as feelings, thoughts, emotions and so on. Interestingly enough and within this context, it stated that rather than right or wrong answers it was much more sensible and even beneficial to focus on right or wrong questions. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by joseluisugia

16, June.2012 at 14:37

Prisoners of Our Own Life Context

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Young man reflecting

This is something that have¬†very probably happened to you. Whether in situations when you lose your focus on something, you don’t pay enough attention to it or you just don’t feel mature enough to face that issue.

The point is that we are not “built” to be the best decision makers by applying objectivity or by using strict and rigorous methods of analysis. Naturally or evolutionarily (up to your beliefs), it has not been necessary for us to develop such a complex ability (in fact, we have started to think seriously just some centuries ago). Read the rest of this entry »

Written by joseluisugia

7, February.2012 at 19:56


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